MALATE, MANILA — July 30, Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant.

The rains massively affected attendance prompting significant role substitutions and dual role assignments. Despite only 10 member attendees, 4 speech projects were completed and the meeting still went overtime! At least 3 members became two speeches short of a norm.

The Toastmaster of the Evening, Aida Valles, DTM, chose the theme of SONA (State of the Nation Address). Thanks to her chosen theme, the Maharlikans were able to reflect on the future of the Philippines and Maharlika Toastmasters Club (TMC) for the next term.

Educational Session

To fit the atmosphere of speech making, the Grammarian Kyle Pandapatan, IP3 shared the Word of the Week: “oratory“. Because the assigned Table Topics Master could not arrive due to the rain, Kyle Pandapatan, IP3 took on the role. There were three volunteers who spoke during the Table Topics Session that discussed the legislative agenda.

Kudos to Darwin del Mundo, TM, Area 93 Director Joevel Fernandez, ACB, and Lee Gano, CC who volunteered for Table Topics. They had fun and challenged themselves on quotes that tackled social concerns.

Four speakers delivered their Prepared Speech Projects:

1. Area 93 Director Joevel Fernandez, ACB delivered his Level 1 Researching & Presenting speech that showed Maharlikans that “Bullying is Real,” a social phenomenon that concerns us all. He encouraged the audience to care for one another.

2. Donn Morrice Go, TM also delivered his Level 1 Researching & Presenting speech where he discussed “Sex”. The audience was intrigued by the title wondering what he would discuss. True to his profession as a doctor, he discussed HIV. He showed the audience how to prevent the spread of this STD and lead healthier lives.

After completing this speech, Donn Morrice Go, TM completed his Pathways Level 1 in Presentation Mastery (PM1) to be submitted to Toastmaster International. He achieved level 1 at a rapid pace. Congratulations!

3. Maharlika TMC President Phebe Pendon, ACS CL delivered an Advanced Speech Project under the Public Relations Manual called “The Persuasive Approach”.

Her speech was aptly titled, “State of the Maharlika Address” where she discussed the core agenda of Maharlika TMC for this officer term.

4. Ed Fabonan, DTM delivered his 2nd Speech under the “Evaluation and Feedback” Project. He applied the feedback from the previous speech to his speech on “Ability and Ambition.” He showed how even if the rabbit had better speed, the turtle still won the race because he had more ambition. Truly, we can win more in life if we focus our drive.

Evaluation Portion

For the Evaluation Portion of the meeting: Guest Toastmaster Fred Baldo, DL2 of Governors and Friends Toastmasters Club took the role of General Evaluator.

Darwin del Mundo, TM volunteered to replace a member who couldn’t come. He courageously served as the Table Topics Evaluator for the first time.

The following were the speech evaluators and technical evaluators:

  • Princeton Ong, MS2 evaluated the speech project of Area 93 Director Joevel Fernandez, ACB;
  • Rojan Mercader, ACB evaluated the speech project of Donn Morrice Go, TM (soon to be PM1);
  • Fred Baldo, DL2 evaluated the speech project of Ed Fabonan DTM;
  • Ed Fabonan, DTM evaluated the speech project of Phebe Pendon, ACS CL;
  • Kyle Pandapatan, IP3 gave the Grammarian’s report;
  • Lee Gano, CC was the Ah / Haha Counter;
  • and Donn Morrice Go, TM gave the Timer’s report.

The Toastmaster of the Evening closed the theme for the night. Finally, the Maharlika President banged the gavel to signal the end of the official meeting.

Birthday Surprise

However, Maharlikas closed the night with a monthly activity initiated by the current Maharlika President. Since July was the last meeting for the month, Maharlikans came together to a sing a birthday song for this month’s celebrators.

Princeton Ong, MS2 brought a birthday cake to surprise Kenley Liong, ACB ALB EC3 and Lee Gano, CC. Kenley could not make it due to the traffic caused by the rain. Luckily, Lee was there to enjoy the cake and birthday song.

Here in Toastmasters, we found a place to belong and celebrate one another. What makes a night worth remembering: the people we share it with and the energy we put into our speeches. The State of the Nation and the State of Maharlika Toastmasters Club is in good hands.

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