MALATE, MANILA — Area 93 Director Joevel Fernandez, ACB lead a soothing meeting filled with laughter and education, on August 20 at The Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant.

With a meeting theme of “Massage”, Toastmaster of the Evening Joevel Fernandez, ACB made the meeting very fun and relaxing. He was able to share the different types of massages and their many benefits. The meeting eased smoothly as Joevel Fernandez, ACB gave recommendations on the various massage oils and lotions, as well as debunking several myths about getting a massage.

Kenley Liong, ACB ALB EC3 as the Table Topics Master.

Ed Fabonan, DTM took the role of Grammarian and challenged everyone to use the Word of the Week “Soothing“. Kenley Liong, ACB ALB EC3 lead the Table Topics portion as the Table Topics Master. Three speakers took on the challenge and participated in Table Topics, including guest Toastmaster Jimmy Sibauco, ACS ALB of Ortigas Center Toastmasters Club.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Three speakers delivered their Speech Projects for the Prepared Speech portion of the meeting. Diane Go, TM delivered a Level 1 Speech Project called “Researching and Presenting”, where she gave recommendations on gifts to give to Chinese friends. Mark Donne, TM delivered his first Speech under the Level 1 Speech Project “Evaluation and Feedback” and spoke about the difference between the engineering fields of electrical and electronics. Club President Phebe Pendon, ACS CL delivered an Advance Speech Project from the Manual “Public Relations” called “The Media Speech” where she encouraged everyone to love their hearts.

The General Evaluator for the Evaluation portion of the meeting was Guest Toastmaster Ayen Garcia, CC ALB of Ortigas Center Toastmasters Club. The Table Topics Evaluator was Donn Go, CC CL PM1 who evaluated the speakers of the Table Topics session, including the Table Topics Master. The Speech Project of Diane Go, TM was evaluated by Guest Toastmaster, and Division L Director, Bruno Tangangco, ACG ALB of Landbank Toastmasters Club. Guest Toastmaster Mar Marilag, MS4 EH1 of Landbank Toastmasters Club evaluated the Speech Project of Mark Donne, TM. Guest Toastmaster Jimmy Sibauco, ACS ALB evaluated the Advance Speech Project of Phebe Pendon, ACS CL.

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