MALATE, MANILA — The meeting lead by Kristine Crispino, TM discussed the various ways that marriages can be made undone, on September 17 at The Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant.

Toastmaster of the Evening Kristine Crispino, TM revealed that sometimes marriages don’t last forever. She discussed what marriage was as defined by law. Afterwards, she spoke about the various legal ways a marriage can be made undone. She even shared one interesting case where two married individuals had their marriage undone.

Diane Go, DL1 delivering a Speech Project.

As the Grammarian, Princeton Ong, MS2 challenged everyone to use the Word of the Week “Cessation“. The Table Topics Master Lee Gano, CC lead the Table Topics portion and even opened with a few jokes. Five speakers volunteered and spoke in Table Topics.

“Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person.”

Two speakers delivered their Speech Projects for the Prepared Speech portion of the meeting. Diane Go, DL1 delivered a Level 2 Speech Project from the Dynamic Leadership Path called “Know your Communication Style”, where she spoke about her direct style of speaking through her personal story. Mar Marilag, MS4 EH1, a guest Toastmaster from Landbank Toastmasters Club, delivered a Level 2 Speech Project from the Engaging Humor Path called “Connect with your Audience”, where he told a story about his first hike up a mountain.

For the Evaluation Session, the General Evaluator was Guest Toastmaster Mar Marilag, MS4 EH1. The Table Topics Evaluator was Ed Fabonan, DTM. The Speech Project of Diane Go, DL1 was also evaluated by Ed Fabonan, DTM. Kenley Liong, ACB ALB EC3 evaluated the Speech Project of Mar Marilag, MS4 EH1.

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