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Marriage and unmarriage

MALATE, MANILA — The meeting lead by Kristine Crispino, TM discussed the various ways that marriages can be made undone, on September 17 at The Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant. Toastmaster of the Evening Kristine Crispino, TM revealed that sometimes marriages don't... Continue Reading →


Wika ng mga bayani

MALATE, MANILA — Muling gumamit ng wikang Filipino ang mga miyembro ng Maharlika Toastmasters Club sa kanilang pulong, nung Agosto 27 sa The Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant. Ang Toastmaster ng Gabi na si Dating Pangulong Rojan Mercader, ACB SR1 ang namuno... Continue Reading →

Relaxing and Therapeutic

MALATE, MANILA — Area 93 Director Joevel Fernandez, ACB lead a soothing meeting filled with laughter and education, on August 20 at The Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant. With a meeting theme of "Massage", Toastmaster of the Evening Joevel Fernandez, ACB made... Continue Reading →

A Cultural Journey

MALATE, MANILA — An educational meeting guided by the Toastmaster of the Evening about a special spiritual tradition, on August 13 at The Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant. The meeting was lead by the Toastmaster of the Evening Kyle Pandapatan, IP3 CL... Continue Reading →

Getting Betta

MALATE, MANILA — A fun and fishy meeting with the theme all about Betta Fish, on August 6 at The Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant. Toastmaster of the Evening Celine Antonio, TM gave several trivia and facts about the Betta Fish. She... Continue Reading →

State of Maharlika Address

MALATE, MANILA — July 30, Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant. The rains massively affected attendance prompting significant role substitutions and dual role assignments. Despite only 10 member attendees, 4 speech projects were completed and the meeting still went overtime! At least 3... Continue Reading →

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